About Yogi's Choice Yoga Practice

Yogi's Choice Yoga Practice was founded March of 2019. Sandra created Yogi's Choice Yoga Practice because she felt that one hour of yoga was just not enough. Sandra's 90 minute classes offer student's at least 15 minutes of stretching and breathing before class, a 15 minute core segment, 20-25 minutes of Vinyasa or Hatha flow, and at least 35 minutes of Yin Yoga Stretch. Yogi's Choice Yoga Practice is a family oriented environment where you can come to increase your strength and flexibility as well as find your peace of mind in your own time and at your own pace. Yogi's Choice yoga Practice welcomes adults and children alike, and all who attend are kind, considerate and supportive of one another. We smile and laugh and are grateful for our practice and growth, body, soul, and mind.